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By submitting this form, you agree to order a Firstbeat Life starting fee. The 250€ starting fee includes:*

1 seat for the Firstbeat Life online training course to become an official service provider. Additional seats are 250€ / person.
Activating and managing customer accounts per demand
- Starting packages 110 € / user
- License months 9 € / user / month
Firstbeat support materials and online sessions
- Access to Partners’ Material Bank
30 days termination notice.
* By submitting this form I agree that the starting fee of 250 € will be charged.
The starting fee will be invoiced via email at the beginning of next month.
Firstbeat Technologies reserves the right to change the prices. 

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Heres How to Get Started with Firstbeat Life


Submit your information and agree with the terms and service description using the form above.


Receive sign-in credentials and log in to your Admin account. Get insights about Firstbeat Life by ordering the device first for yourself.


Complete our online training to become a certified Firstbeat Life service provider.

Firstbeat Life

Pricing of the Flexible Subscription-Based Service 

For our partners, the price of the
Firstbeat Life starter package is 110€ per user and for license months 9€ per month, per user (+ VAT). Firstbeat Life direct deliveries are currently available in the EU, UK, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, USA, Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. Bulk delivery option is available for other countries, please contact us for
prices and delivery to other countries.

Firstbeat Life complements your own health and wellness programs. The service consists of starter packages and license months that you can purchase in your Firstbeat Life Admin account on demand. 





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Why Is Digital Health Promotion Needed?


People are increasingly struggling with the balance between stress and recovery. Health problems and costs are rising. The need for proactive support is growing. Consumer devices are not designed to meet this challenge and although health care is needed, the role may remain responsive. 


Firstbeat Life meets the challenge; in particular, the digital solution promotes the health of individuals, teams and organisations with the science-backed confidence. It guides users towards healthy lifestyles and supports in identifying potential risk factors to prevent them.


As our partner you get access to world-leading technology and the physiological data to create even more effective services and build long-lasting customer relationships. Together, we can help people to achieve their own health and performance goals. 


Below you will find details that will help you get up and running with Firstbeat. 


Start With Our Online Training

We will help you get started! After completing the online course, you will receive a certificate and your company can be added to the list of our official service providers.

  • Learn how to take advantage of Firstbeat Life. 
  • Get to know the Firstbeat Life app, our measurement method and the Firstbeat Life Admin tool. 
  • Study at your own pace – the course includes about 5 hours of self-study material. 
  • The price is 250€ per participant (+VAT). 

Watch the Video: Firstbeat Life as Part of Your Business

In a video taken from the Firstbeat Life service provider online course, Janne Hautala, Firstbeat's development manager, explains how to utilize the service as a preventive tool for both well-being services and individual coaching. 

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Accelerate Your Sales and Marketing 

Firstbeat Life Partners Material Bank helps you to boost sales and marketing with guidelines, assets and ready-made materials.

  1. You will receive the link and password to the Material Bank after signing the frame agreement. 
  2. Read the brand guidelines first.
  3. Download the logo and visual assets to showcase the service on your own contents.
  4. Utilize banners and text templates for collaborative news coverage on digital channels.
  5. Download the sales and kick off presentations, add your own branding, and deploy in customer meetings.