Every athlete is different. Embracing that can unlock peak performance.

That’s why we’ve created the Guide to Understanding the Athlete Training Load.

Our guide aims to help you stay ahead of the competition. It explains how to:
  • Make decisions based on objective data not guesswork
  • Truly individualize training and recovery guidance
  • Fast-track player development and achieve season-long results
  • Effectively use metrics like TRIMP, EPOC and aerobic/anaerobic Training Effect
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Read more by downloading the free Firstbeat guide to Understanding the Athlete Training Load.

Firstbeat Sports is a complete solution to optimize training load and recovery.

Firstbeat Sports delivers the scientific insights you need to offer personalized training guidance. We give you the physiological information to optimize performance, reduce injuries, and fast-track player development. Insights derived from heart rate and heart rate variability data unlock the power of individualized training and recovery guidance.

Firstbeat Sports is trusted by Professionals:

  • 26 national teams
  • 25% of Champions League soccer teams
  • Over 50% of all NHL teams
  • 100+ NCAA programs
  • Over 1000 elite teams
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Give your team the Firstbeat Sports competitive advantage


Optimize Performance

Offer personalized training advice

based on what works best for each player.


Reduce Injuries

Manage training loads and recovery together with data to minimize injury risks.

Player Development

Teach players how to listen to their bodies and help them achieve their full potential.

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